Frequently Asked Questions


To make a reservation, please call the participating establishment directly.

Participating establishments MUST offer their Foodie Week℠ Specials every day that they are open during Foodie Week℠. Keep in mind that an establishment may choose to offer certain dishes during their lunch hours or dinner hours only, or throughout the entire day!

Please call the participating establishment directly or visit their website.

Since Foodie Week℠ is a highly anticipated event, it is best to make all reservations as early as possible as dining rooms will be booked. We recommend calling several days in advance for reservations.

Gratuity is not included, but we suggest a 20% tip to show appreciation to the hard-working waitstaff.

Coffee, tea, and beverages are not included with any of the Foodie Week℠ Specials. However, some establishments may offer special cocktails and/or beverages a la carte on their Foodie Week℠ Specials Menu.

Foodie Week℠ is an extravaganza that celebrates today’s 21st century “Foodie” by highlighting the best that an establishment has to offer. As such, the prices may vary from dish to dish, and location to location. Naturally, the cost of each item will reflect that dish’s ingredients as well as its hand-craftsmanship and creativity.

All comments about a restaurant’s menu and service should be directed to the particular restaurant.