Supervisor Joseph Saladino & Town Board Present Foodie Week℠ The Most Delicious Culinary Experience Of The Year October 16th – 23rd

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Foodie Week℠ is an unparalleled showcase of Restaurants, Eateries, & Bakeries that have continually made their establishments world-class culinary hotspots. This unprecedented week-long extravaganza, salutes today’s 21st century “foodie” and highlights the finest culinary creations of many top chefs as they showcase their talent with a wide array of much sought after international cuisines from around the world.

Thanks to Foodie Week℠, today’s sophisticated dining public now has an opportunity to try something truly extraordinary — rather than the typical, plethora-of-decades-old, Restaurant Week-style promotions, with nearly one copycat version around every corner and mass marketed “3 Course Prix Fixe” offerings.

Foodie Week℠ flips this paradigm by celebrating exceptional handcrafted offerings by great culinarians – with emphasis on farm-to-table, dock-to-dish, and grape-to-glass . These fabulously unique items consist of signature chef prepared dishes, available during foodie week, that truly stand alone on their own merits and don’t need to be purchased in a discounted, multi-course meal-deal.

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