Sunday October 13 – Sunday October 20
The Most Delicious Culinary Experience Of The Year

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Foodie Week℠ 2024 is shaping up to be absolutely fabulous and the list of participating restaurants is growing daily. Restaurants will offer unique Foodie Week selections, as well as their regular menus. This years Foodie Week℠ is on track to surpass last years which was a great success and received an outstanding response from the culinary community in the Town Of Oyster Bay as well as tremendous participation from local foodies, restaurateurs, and media.

Foodie Week℠ is an unparalleled showcase of Restaurants, Eateries, & Bakeries that have continually made their establishments world-class culinary hotspots. This unprecedented week-long extravaganza, salutes today’s 21st century “foodie” and highlights the finest culinary creations of many top chefs as they showcase their talent with a wide array of much sought after international cuisines from around the world.

Thanks to Foodie Week℠, today’s sophisticated dining public now has an opportunity to try something truly extraordinary — rather than the typical, plethora-of-decades-old, Restaurant Week-style promotions, with nearly one copycat version around every corner and mass marketed “3 Course Prix Fixe” offerings.

Foodie Week℠ flips this paradigm by celebrating exceptional handcrafted offerings by great culinarians – with emphasis on farm-to-table, dock-to-dish, and grape-to-glass . These fabulously unique items consist of signature chef prepared dishes, available during foodie week, that truly stand alone on their own merits and don’t need to be purchased in a discounted, multi-course meal-deal.

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